Western Management Services


   DEEP CLEAN your rental property inside/outside to avoid any charges against your deposit. Refer to the Move-Out Cleaning List for further information. 

               ·         You are required to return the home empty and in move-in ready condition. ( Cleaning issues are  not  considered  normal wear and tear)  If you plan to hire someone to                       clean, please consider us.  We charge $30.00 per hour.  You will then know it will be done correctly.

CARPET CLEANING: Tenants are required to have the carpets PROFESSIONALLY CLEANED.  This must be completed after removing all belongings and have vacated the property. 

A RECEIPT FROM A PROFESSIONAL CLEANING COMPANY MUST BE PROVIDED at time of walk-through. We do not allow carpets to be cleaned by rented or home cleaning machines.


                 ·         We would be happy to take care of the cleaning and carpet cleaning as an option to help your transition/move easier.  This would be deducted from your security deposit.                                  If you want to hire someone yourselves, we do receive a discount through Billings Chemdry (652-7400).


   When you are finished cleaning please call us and we will set up a walk through. Tenants can meet us after the walk through if they like but cannot be present during our evaluation.


We will evaluate the property from the statement of condition that you signed, at your initial lease signing appointment and any other documentation provided throughout tenancy. 

Please refer to your copy when preparing for inspection.


·         Note:  If you schedule your walk-through and we arrive at the property on set date and you are not ready, you will be charged a trip fee of $45.00 per hour.


·         Once the walk through is completed Western Management will place a lock box on the unit. This does not interfere with you being able to re-enter the unit with your own keys to do  any necessary cleaning.


You will have 24 hours to re-enter the premises and finish any additional cleaning after notification from the walk through. 


·         Note: You are responsible for the days of rent from the day your walk-through is done until the end of your 24 hour cleaning notice. (This will include mailing days if you the Tenant are unable to pick up and sign for).


 Please leave your keys on the counter when you leave or you can return them to our office. If all of the keys (or garage door openers) are not returned, there will be a charge for replacing them.


  Please check to make sure the property is clear of any personal belongings, including garage and/ or storage sheds. If any items are left behind there will be a charge for us to remove them and haul the items away or store if necessary.


If there are no deductions from your security deposit the law states we have 10 days to return your deposit.  If there are deductions, then the law states we have 30 days to return your security deposit to you. 

Please make sure we have your forwarding address.