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Western Property Management, Inc.

Residential/Apartment Rental Criteria



 1. Non-Refundable application fee of $40.00 per applicant

 a.  Application will not be processed until paid.

 b.  Payment can be made in the form of cash, cashier’s check, money order, personal check or on our website through Renttrack.

2. Any persons age 18 or older are required to submit a separate application regardless of relationship status.

a.  i.e. spouse, roommates or family members

 3. Valid Driver’s License or State issued ID will be required

 4. A complete and accurate application, listing a current and previous rental references with phone numbers will be required

 a. incomplete applications, lies & omissions on application are grounds for denial

5. Wester Property Management, Inc. does not accept reusable tenant screening reports.

6. Be advised that only select properties allow animals and the presence of unauthorized animal is grounds for immediate termination of your lease.

a. Upon submitting your application, you will need to provide an animal profile:

b. Examples of items needed to register your animal are: Shot records, 1 photo and any other applicable information.

i. For Service Animals, a signed note from a medical professional or other qualified third party, on letter head, requesting a reasonable accommodation. Online certificates will not be accepted. All requests will be run through the Fair Housing Office.



1. Minimum gross monthly income must be 3 times the rental amount per month, also subject to debt to income ratios. Income must be verifiable.

2. You may be denied if you are unemployed and/or we are unable to verify income that affirms your ability to pay rent.

3. A minimum of 3 months current paycheck stubs will be required if we are unable to verify with your employer.

4. Some form of verifiable income will be required for unemployed or retired applicants

a.  Verifiable income may mean, but is not limited to: Bank accounts, alimony/child support, savings/trust accounts, social security, pension, VA benefits, unemployment benefits, welfare, grant/loans, financial aid and parental support). Documentation is required!

5. Self-employed applicants will be required to show proof of income through copies of the previous 2 year’s tax returns. (profit/loss statement will not be accepted)

6. Full-time students with no verifiable means of income may be considered with verifiable means of support in addition to qualified co-signer (Resident of Montana) and or increased additional deposit.

7. All applicants will be processed individually and as a group.



1. No/New credit may be considered with good rental history.

2. Any outstanding debts to a previous landlord may result in denial.

3. Any utilities in collections may result in denial if not paid and receipt provided.

4. Bankruptcies must be discharged prior to application as verified on the credit report.



1. Must be able to provide at least 5 years of recent consecutive addresses, if applicable.

a. Rental, Mortgage and Non-Rental Addresses (I.e. parents, family)

b. Positive housing history from a third party landlord only. Family references are not accepted.

2. Application may be denied if rental history demonstrates documented noise, damages or other complaints when the previous manager will not re-rent.

3. Application may be denied if we cannot contact your prior landlord(s).

4. Application will be denied if any monies are owed to prior landlord.



 1. Upon receipt of the rental application and screening fee, landlord shall conduct a search of public records to determine whether the applicant has been convicted of any crime within the previous seven (7) years. This does not automatically disqualify the applicant.

a. A conviction for a felony or misdemeanor involving theft, assault, prostitution, drug manufacturing or distribution, weapons charges, gang-related crimes, sex crimes and/or child sex crimes may be grounds for denial of the rental application.



1. Your application will generally be processed within 24 to 72 hours. Applications will not be pre-screened.

a. All applications submitted become the property of Western Property Management, Inc.

2. All rentals are on a first approved basis.

a. Wester Property Management, Inc. cannot be held responsible for any unit that is rented after you have seen it and turned in an application.

3. Please take note that “Coming Soon” property dates are estimated and are subject to change without notice.

4. If your application is approved and your move-in date is not immediate, a security deposit will be required immediately to hold the unit until ready.

5. If your application is approved and the unit is ready, a security deposit will be required immediately, and a lease is required to be signed within 5 days of deposit and rent/utilities to start being paid.

a. If you have animals there is a separate additional deposit and monthly animal rent. (Verifiable Service Animals Excluded).

b. Security deposits maybe fully refundable at time of move-out, depending on condition of the unit, rent due and/or other financial obligations incurred at the time of your move out.

6. If your application is approved, Renters Insurance is required at the time of the lease signing.

7. If your application is approved, utilities are to be transferred (if part of lease) into your name before occupancy.



Western Property Management, Inc. scores applications based on ratios of your income/employment history, credit/debt history, and rental or mortgage history.

Multiple applicants (including co-signers) will be scored individually and then together.




Wester Property Management, Inc. recommends that a customer or applicant NEVER lease a home, or any real property, without physically visiting the property and seeing it first. The qualities and aspects impacting the suitability of a home for a particular customer or applicant may vary. It is difficult, if not impossible for any agent to anticipate all consideration a given customer or applicant may have in mind, and it is unlikely that any given agent or any one photo can convey all impressions or answer all questions that prospective renter might have about a property.

We recognize, however, that personal emergencies may arise in some cases in which it is more important to the customer or applicant to be assured of availability for occupancy on a certain date, than to have the flexibility of selecting the property after they arrive at the location. We recognize that such customers or applicants may prefer to obligate to lease a specific property and accept the unknowns of home selection by a third party.

In such cases, Wester Property Management, Inc. will lease a property only with the strict understanding that the tenant ACCEPTS ALL LIABILITIES, CONTINGENCIES, AND POSSIBLE COSTS ASSOCIATED WITH SELECTING THE PROPERTY AND RENTING SIGHT UNSEEN.

The Applicant/Tenant AGREES TO WAIVE ALL RIGHTS OF COMPLAINT ABOUT THE SELECTION OF THIS PARTICULAR PROPERTY and will not hold Wester Property Management, Inc. or the owner responsible or liable in any way for the selection, location, setting, floor plan, condition, lawn or landscaping, facilities, or any other feature(s) of the property.

 Provided the property meets normal and ordinary standards of safety, health and livability, the Applicant/Tenant agrees to accept the property “As Is.”

Signing our “Renting Sight Unseen Form” will be required at time of Deposit.